Anna’s Happy Trotters

The Longthorp family have been farming for four generations. Anna’s Happy Trotters is based in East Yorkshire. Originally a purely arable farm growing crops, they diversified into pigs thirty years ago to make better use of the grain and straw they produce. Anna and her family are farmers with a passion for pigs.  They are proud that their fully free range pork has gone into the delicious dishes of professional chefs and family cooks alike.

They sell directly to butchers and farm shops. Read more about Anna’s Happy Trotters here.

Anna’s trotters are reared living naturally and stress free. They are fully free range and enjoy lives lived free from stress and change. They bred pigs outside from the very beginning. The piglets were born outside and then once weaned, reared in large, airy straw barns – this production system is known as outdoor bred. In 2007 they decided to take that one step further and go fully free range so that our pigs would be outside from start to finish. There are only 1-2% pigs produced this way in the UK.

Thenumber one priority at Anna’s Happy Trotters is the welfare of their pigs. Like the team at Roots they are big believers in being responsible when it comes to eating meat. This means ensuring that it has been produced to high welfare standards.

As well as being Red Tractor Assured and Freedom Foods accredited, Compassion in World Farming have also recognised their commitment to animal welfare by presenting them with a GOOD PIG AWARD.

Roots Farm Shop Quality

At Roots Farm Shop we are passionate about food, farming and the community.

Our producers are selected for the quality of their produce and their eco approach to farming and food production.  We are proud to stock produce from these local, independent companies who work with the environment when producing delicious food and drink.

We aim to connect the wider community, our customers, who want to shop in a more sustainable way.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards more ethical food production methods, driven by concerns about the sustainability of our current food system and the implications of the way we produce our food.  This is one of the fundamental principles of everything we do at Roots as we ourselves at Home Farm, work towards regenerative farming with our herd of grass fed beef cows. Read more about this here.

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