Jesmona Sweets

Stocking these traditional sweets originating from the North-East is one of the team’s guilty pleasures! We love them as much as our customers.  Jesmona follows traditional recipes to create sweets which have been loved for many years.

Maxons is a family run business based in Sheffield – one of the few remaining traditional sweet manufacturers in the north of England.  They manufacture and supply a full range of the highest quality boiled sweets, flavoured sherbets and sugar crystals to a range of specialist retailers and have their roots back with one Henry Dixon who began his business in 1885 making sweets and toffees, his signature sweets, Mint Rock and Cherry Balsams are still made today.

The signature product “Black Bullets” is a mint ball using only Sugar, Glucose and Peppermint Oil and as such is the original “natural” product. It found its fame in the shipyards of the North East and has been a staple product of every sweet shop, newsagent, grocer and household in the North East for over 100 years.

Read more about Jesmona sweets here.

Roots Farm Shop Quality

At Roots Farm Shop we are passionate about food, farming and the community.

Our producers are selected for the quality of their produce and their eco approach to farming and food production.  We are proud to stock produce from these local, independent companies who work with the environment when producing delicious food and drink.

We aim to connect the wider community, our customers, who want to shop in a more sustainable way.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards more ethical food production methods, driven by concerns about the sustainability of our current food system and the implications of the way we produce our food.  This is one of the fundamental principles of everything we do at Roots as we ourselves at Home Farm, work towards regenerative farming with our herd of grass fed beef cows. Read more about this here.

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