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Yorkshire Dama Cheese – The Squeaky Cheese!

Yorkshire Dama Cheese is made right here in Yorkshire, although it has a global story. The origins of this Halloumi Squeaky cheese begin in Syria when Razan fled the war in 2012. Along with her husband and 3 children she initially started to look for a job but despite having a pharmacy degree and a scientific background her lack of references and work history in the UK made it extremely difficult. She wanted to build a future for her family. Appreciating the plentiful local resource of cows milk in her new home, Razan began producing the cheese she had enjoyed back in Syria.

She has never looked back!

With many awards and personal nominations this delicious cheese is popular with everyone who tries it.

Roots Farm Shop Quality

At Roots Farm Shop we are passionate about food, farming and the community.

Our producers are selected for the quality of their produce and their eco approach to farming and food production.  We are proud to stock produce from these local, independent companies who work with the environment when producing delicious food and drink.

We aim to connect the wider community, our customers, who want to shop in a more sustainable way.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards more ethical food production methods, driven by concerns about the sustainability of our current food system and the implications of the way we produce our food.  This is one of the fundamental principles of everything we do at Roots as we ourselves at Home Farm, work towards regenerative farming with our herd of grass fed beef cows. Read more about this here.

Since the Yorkshire Dama Cheese company was started it has gone from strength to strength, winning many accolades and being featured in the media many times. The range now includes a delicious range of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk style of halloumi cheese and yoghurt.

Visit us at Roots and find out for yourself what the fuss is about!


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